The installation and setup of video analytics solutions are operations that must be carried out very carefully and with in-depth knowledge of the technology involved.

ACIC’s program of training courses is designed to provide its partners with autonomy in their operations with our range of video analytics products.

The training courses cover a wide range of subjects, including the design of a complete video analytics solution, training in the use of ACIC’s software setup tools and integration with the third-party components of this type of installation (cameras, VMS, Hypervisor).
Hands-on laboratory work is organized to practice the skills acquired by your teams.

The maintenance processes of our systems are also explained to enable you to carry out troubleshooting yourself in the event of any fails, to update the software and to completely restore the installation.

Partners who opt for our training program receive immediate benefits :

ACIC certification for the commissioning of our video analytics solutions,
More efficient deployment,
Autonomy in maintenance operations,
Up-to-date knowledge of the range of products.


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Our objective is to provide the customer with the best solution according to his needs.

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