Three types of maintenance are defined in our contracts:

    Corrective maintenance (software and/or hardware):

                        This maintenance formula concerns software and hardware delivered by ACIC.. 
                        We undertake to rectify any malfunctions that may affect your installation by the
                        the deadline specified in the contract. We provide our integrator partners with a
                        program of first-line maintenance training that enables them to carry out efficient,
                        efficient troubleshooting with minimum downtime for the final customer..

    Proactive maintenance (on-site or remote):

                        Customers who opt for this type of contract receive regular (generally half-yearly) ,
                        visits by an ACIC technician to check that the installations are working correctly.
                        Proactive maintenance can be implemented remotely if a secure Internet connection is
                        available on site.

    Software updates:

                       ACIC invests heavily in R&D, in particular to develop our products and regularly extend
                       our range. Thanks to our software update program, you can receive the latest technical ,
                       versions of our products and share them with your customers. These updates can include
                       not only changes to our video analytics applications but also modifications to our
                       components that integrate with third-party software applications.

You can also opt for a warranty extension on the hardware to meet the needs of your more demanding customers.

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Contacts :

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