The installation and setup of video analytics solutions are operations that must be carried out very carefully and with in-depth knowledge of the technology involved.

In the case of solutions to be implemented on the premises of your customers, you can choose between three levels of assistance:

On-site installation assistance : 

                    You will be accompanied by a field engineer from ACIC who will be your special contact
                    person throughout the project. This is your guarantee of fast and durable service.
                    If you opt for this formula, ACIC will assume your contractual performance commitments.
                    This service is limited to ACIC's domestic market (300km around its headquarter in
                    Mons, Belgium, although exceptions may be made depending opn the project). 


    Remote support :

                        Using cooperative teleworking technologies, we provide you with timely assistance to resolve
                        bottlenecks in your installation. ACIC implements a series of support tools to ensure continuous
                        follow-up of your requests for assistance.

    Assistance with the acceptance of your installation :

                        If requested, we can provide you with support at specific points in the process, in particular when
                        inspections are being carried out in the pre-acceptance phase. This helps you organize your
                        work schedule with your customers. In this way, at key stages in your project, ACIC is there to
                        assist you in the implementation of you video analytics solutions. 


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