Advices and Technical Studies

Pre-sales support

Our projects team also has commercial skills that help you translate its studies into sales.

We aim to help you cope with all the project-related challenges that come with the project specifications.

In the preliminary design phase, we can help you implement your technical studies. This assistance can take various forms, depending on the complexity of the projects concerned and your specific needs:

We can accompany you on a site visit to draw up a camera positioning plan,
We can advise you on the choice of cameras, the dimensioning of third-party videosurveillance systems and the design of the network architecture,
We can take part in pilot or proof-of-concept tests.


When we are commissioned to reply to requests or invitations to tender from customers, we don’t simply send off a few brochures or pricelists. We help you draw up your bid for video analytics (or VCA). We can also advise you on other directly related items (architecture, lighting and the choice of appropriate cameras, masts, cables, accessories, etc.).



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Our objective is to provide the customer with the best solution according to his needs.


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