Surveillance on transport

Videosurveillance is essential on public transport and on the street not only for the safety of the passengers themselves, but also to protect the infrastructures or the vehicles on which the passengers are traveling.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the possible problems:


pickpocketsand theft,
vehicle vandalism (buses, railroad cars, subway),
vandalism of the furniture or of the cameras themselves
vandalism of the infrastructure (theft of cables, graffiti on walls, etc.).


In addition, it has recently come to light that a network of cameras can improve the use of the infrastructures and of the fleet thanks to the following measurements:

people couting,
passengers flow analysis,
measurement of stopping time of trains, buses, etc

It is impossible for human operators to provide this type of solution, but video analytics technologies can go much of the way towards meeting this challenge.

To meet customers’ needs in this type of context, ACIC offers an extension of its product Acic ActivityDetection®. Acic PeopleCounting® can also be integrated in the solution.

The following functions are the most often requested :

perimeter protection,
surveillance of sensitive zones,
group detection,
detection of vandalism, graffitis, etc.,
detection of assaults and crowd movements,
detection of abandoned objects,
detection of loitering,
analysis of railroad traffic,
passenger counting,
analysis of flows of persons.

           The main difficulties with this type of application are the following :

the complexity of scenarios,
group situations make interesting events difficult to detect,
the difficulty of maintaining image quality.


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