Security of production premises

Security of a production or logistics unit

It is not always enough to secure the perimeter of industrial premises; the customer sometimes wants to monitor the production or assembly site.
If the product being manufactured is very valuable (planes, cars, helicopters, etc.), the objective is to detect the abnormal presence of persons outside the times when the personnel are authorized. Alarms can generally be added to those of the perimeter; alternatively, they can be organized separately

ACIC offers a camera-controlled human presence detection solution based on Acic ActivityDetection®.

Additional functions can be activated, such as the detection of stationarity, abandoned objects or even more complex scenarios such as the detection of graffiti.


             The main difficulties of securing a production site are the following :

extremely high performance requirements (good detection/false alarms),
the management of rather complex scenarios,
the presence of mobile elements that may disrupt the detection process (machinery, etc.).

             The protection of logistics sites presents various similar features.

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