Perimeter protection

If you have built a wall or erected a fence (electrified or otherwise) around your premises or intend to do so, with or without an advanced protection system, it means that you want to keep intruders out.

ACIC offers a camera perimeter protection solution based on Acic ActivityDetection®.

In this situation, cameras offer the following advantages :

perimeter intrusion detection (e.g. with a ladder or a bucket),
filtering of alarms according to different criteria (persons, vehicles, etc.)
a competitive linear price,
supply of images for visual confirmation.

An intrusion detection system offers the following advantages :

automated detection (and therefore automated surveillance),
immediate return on investment if you eliminate patrols,
protection of your property and of your critical installations

This type of system is used mostly in the field of production and conversion of energy, the extraction, production, recycling and transformation of metals, logistics, transport, aeronautics, embassies, and sensitive government sites.

ACIC supplies the video analytics software that integrates with your videosurveillance network. Within this network, cameras are aligned with the perimeter to be secured. . This software can be configured by our staff.

We recommend the use of thermal cameras.

     The main difficulties with this application are as follows :

extremely high performance requirements (good detection/false alarms)
robust performance 24/7 all year round in all climatic conditions

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