People counting in shopping malls

In shopping malls, the counting function is essential for customers because monitoring the number of visitors offers the following advantages:

accurate assessment of the impact of special promotions ,
calculation of commercial efficiency by comparing visits and sales (conversion rate),
optimization of infrastructure use,
comparison of the performance of different sites.

In order to meet these needs, ACIC offers a customer counting solution based on its product Acic PeopleCounting® .

Acic PeopleCounting® accurately counts the people passing in front of a camera. The camera can be attached to a low or high ceiling, and the passageway can be wide. The counting data can be consulted thanks to a graphical user interface or are communicated to the customer’s database (CRM, etc.).

In the case of controlled flows of persons (escalators and corridors), ACIC offers a special version of AcicPeopleCounting®.


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