City surveillance

In today’s world, videosurveillance has become part and parcel of the cityscape. This type of surveillance is being used by more and more private and public agencies. It has many applications and plays many different roles :

improving mobility
detection of legal violations (acts of violence or breaches of the Highway Code)
detection of stolen cars
reduction in the feeling of insecurity
prevention of assaults
prevention or detection of theft, vandalism, etc.

The difficulty for operators is managing the abundance of the information supplied by the many urban surveillance cameras. The best solution to assist operators is an anomaly detection system based on video analytics.

The aim of the system is to draw the attention of the operators to the cameras that show the events that are or may become the most interesting.

In order to meet customers’ needs in this type of context, ACIC offers an extension of its product  Acic ActivityDetection® . Acic TrafficMonitoring® can also be integrated in the solution.

The functions most commonly requested are the following :

perimeter protection,
surveillance of sensitive zones,
group detection,
detection of vandalism, graffitis, etc. ,
detection of assaults and crowd movements,
detection of abandoned objects,
loitering detection,
road traffic monitoring,
automatic incident detection,
license plate reading.


         The main challenges with this type of application are the following :

the complexity of scenarios,
the fact that the positioning of cameras is difficult to control,
the fact that it is difficult to manage lighting,
architectural problems.



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