Custom development

Our products are designed to meet most of the needs of our customers and partners.

However, for more specific projects we can customize our products or develop a complete system offering video analytics as an added asset.

Case Studies

     Boat detection system for canal locks

    This system was developed to detect the presence of boats in a canal lock prior to the triggering of the automatic gate closing system. Without this detection system, remote management of locks can be dangerous, but this type of remote management system is increasingly in demand. This project was implemented in the Netherlands. To do this, we added a server equipped with our software and incorporated the images of existing cameras and linked this system to the existing SCADA system. With minor adjustments this solution can be replicated in Belgium or elsewhere.


        Sea surveillance system using a mobile camera

    This system was developed through joint research with various manufacturers (Videotec for the mobile tower and FLIR for the thermal camera) and an integrator (COMTEC) to monitor a harbor and the coastline to detect boats and to create a display system for surveillance operators in the control room. This led to the development of Acic PanoramaDetection®, ACIC developed a panoramic video compositing software package (GIGAPixels), adapted its vision algorithms and developed communication protocols to monitor the subsystems.


         Mobile videosurveillance kit for “automatic tailing system”

    Special police units were looking for a videosurveillance system that could be moved easily and quickly, a system that could be hidden at a window and could be accessed remotely by a wifi system (3G). ACIC selected, assembled and integrated the different components so that they could be carried in a briefcase, i.e. cameras, lenses, 3G modem, compact image analysis server, hard disks, etc. An important part of the project was devoted to the development of the application involving remote control to the stored videos based on alarms and the streaming of these videos.


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