Acic ActivityDetection Edge

Embedded and automated videosurveillance 

ACIC ActivityDetection-EDGE is an intelligent embedded videosurveillance software for Axis cameras and encoders as well as HIKVISION. It triggers an alarm when it detects an expected scenario like the intrusion of a person or a vehicle in a protected zone or the crossing of a virtual line. ACIC ActivityDetection-EDGE is a proven, high-performance software that adapts to environmental conditions. The configuration interface and its assistant make the application easy to install. Its integration is possible with the main video management programs on the market.

Applications :

  • Perimeter protection (fences, walled enclosures and building entrances, virtual perimeters, …)
  • Surveillance of sensitive areas (public highway, city centers, car parks, logistics and port areas, railway lines and cuttings, open borders, ...)

Detection rules :

  • Presence in a region
  • Line crossing
  • Crossing of a succession of lines
  • Stationary object
  • Object removed
  • Object monitoring
  • Advanced motion detection

Main features :

  • Video analysis program on Axis cameras and encoders compatible ACAP (Axis Camera Application Platform) - artpec3, 4 and more
  • Video analysis program on HIKVISION cameras and encoders
  • The most comprehensive embedded application
  • Real-time detection of the event (or rule) in question
  • 8 rules can be configured at the same time
  • Capable of configuring 8 lines and 8 detection regions
  • Easy and fast calibration for 3D analysis and metric measurements
  • Configuration from a standard web browser
  • Real-time graphics decorations (OSD) visible in the video management programs and in the web browsers
  • Integrations with the main Video Management Systems (Genetec, Milestone, Seetec …)
  • Axis Compatible with Camera Station version 3 and more
  • Adapted to inside and outside cameras, weather and temperature-resistant internal and external system.

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