Acic ActivityDetection

Automated videosurveillance

Acic ActivityDetection® triggers an alarm when an object belonging to a specific category crosses a virtual line or is present for a given time in a secure area.

Intelligent algorithms adjust to the environmental conditions in order to limit false alarms due to parasite movements or changes in lighting.

Application :

Acic ActivityDetection® is the ideal solution for perimeter protection.



Advanced motion detection
Trip wire
Sterile zone

Acic ActivityDetection® can, in certain circumstances, be supplemented by the following functions:

Image anomaly detection
any anomaly in image quality is detected in the event of a modification of the environment, vandalism or wear,

Abandoned object detection
an object of a certain size remains motionless for too long,

Complex scenario detection
detection of a sequence of events or actions,

Group detection
detection of a gathering of individuals who appear to constitute a group of a certain size,

Long-term tracking/loitering
tracking of an individual who remains too long in the visual field of the camera and appears to be behaving erratically,

Crowd movements
detection of movements of groups of people on public transport that are potentially dangerous,



Applications :

Surveillance on public transport, city surveillance, videoprotection, etc.


Activity Detection Activity Detection

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