The solution we offer is either based on the following 4 vertical market-oriented software suites or is tailored to your specific needs.
The solution is delivered in the form of software that is easy to install or as a “plug and play” installation on a server of our choice (handling up to 64 video streams).

Acic ActivityDetection® (security)
Automated videosurveillance.

Acic PanoramaDetection® (security)
Wide-area surveillance (RADAR-like).
Acic PeopleCounting® (marketing)
Directional counting
(wide or narrow passageway).

Acic TrafficMonitoring® (mobility-ITS)
Mobility statistics and automatic incident detection (AID).


     We offer the following competitive advantages :

High performance (low incidence of false alarms)
Open and easily-integrated solutions (see our technological partners)
Possibility of tailored solutions
Our references



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