Since 2003 ACIC has been offering cutting-edge innovative solutions in the field of automated and smart videosurveillance. The company’s founders, who previously worked at the MULTITEL Research Center, inherited the knowledge and technologies of reputed Belgian university laboratories such as the UCL and UMons, and ACIC has continued to develop its state-of-the-art solutions through cooperation with these research units.
With the tremendous increase in the number of cameras now in operation, automation of videosurveillance has become essential, not only for sensitive locations and critical infrastructures, but also for city surveillance.

ACIC designs and develops video analytics software that enables operators to automate the process of surveillance.

The range of uses of videosurveillance includes human presence detection and monitoring, tracking (humans, vehicles, boats, etc.), event detection, people counting, recognition of abnormal or threatening behavior, etc.






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